Feel Good Friday

Everyone, meet Creed! He is Dr. Jalen King’s dog and one of the dogs we use at the clinic as a blood donor, should a patient need a blood transfusion. Creed trusts his dad to hold him and actually does this without any sedation (plus it helps that he’s learned he gets all the treats afterwards 😂). This blood was used for a patient that had an autoimmune disorder causing his body to destroy his red blood cells and platelets. We’re hoping Creed’s blood will help with our patient’s severe anemia (low red blood cell count) until he can start making red blood cells on his own 🤞🏻

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Way to go Creed!! He really trust his dad :] Great job King Staff. As always you make me so proud to call you our Vet Family.


  2. Way to go Creed!! Thank you for helping other furry friends. He does trust his dad doesn’t he!?! This is another reason that makes my heart happy to call King Vet our Vet family 😍


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