Feel Good Friday

It’s Feel Good Friday! This sweet gal is Annabelle and she’s 12 years young. She came to us as a second opinion for a mass on her belly that previous vets had been monitoring. Recently, the mass started growing rapidly and became ulcerated. The owner knew something was very wrong but his local vets weren’t able to get him in for at least two weeks (COVID has caused vet clinics across the country to be swamped and understaffed!) The owners searched and drove over an hour to come see us to see what we could do. We knew time was of the essence and scheduled emergency surgery.

She is a whole new dog and now has the energy of a puppy again! The mass was sent off for evaluation. Hoping this girl gets some good news next week! She is such a lover! Let’s show Annabelle some love!

Before Surgery

Mass Being Prepped For Surgery

After Surgery

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